OWNERS OPINION: Self Catering verse Hotels

Posted: October 29, 2014


Self Catering verse Hotels

So I was chatting to Ryan, our MD, in June and I posed the question, “ If you wanted to go on holiday in South Africa, where would you go?” I was extremely interested in his answer, as Ryan and Steffi, with their 10 year hotel and lodge knowledge in Southern Africa would surely have the best answer. I was expecting, perhaps, if in Cape Town – the 12 Apostles or Cape Grace, maybe if in Durban, the Oyster Box, or perhaps an upmarket lodge in Sabie Sabie.

However, the answer I got, to my surprise was, “I would want to stay in a house with my family and friends.”

This was the spark that ignited the rejuvenation of our South-African-Homes.com website.

After putting more thought into the idea, it all made perfect sense. Obviously everyone has different preferences and budgets, and I can only speak for myself, but with two small children this would be a perfect option.

Picture breakfast; in a hotel we would be on a time schedule, we would need to rush to the restaurant, dressed to impress and fight over the last piece of bacon at the buffet table. At home, on a sunny weekend morning, I will be in my board shorts and barefoot, the kids would be in pajamas, and my wife could have the option of breakfast in bed.

As it turns out, I am not alone in this idea, below is an excerpt, which I found online from a survey done on this very subject.

Homes vs Hotels

Anyway, please return to our blog, as we will be updating on a regular basis and our story will grow. Perhaps the option of a “self-catering holiday” will become a reality.

Our team at South-African-Homes.com endeavors to grow our establishments to give you the best options for a holiday in South Africa, amoungst our staff; we have a broad knowledge on most areas in South Africa with extreme knowledge of the Western Cape Coastal and wineland areas.

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